Trixel engineering provides 3D printing services using MJP technology from 3D systems and FDM technology.

  • immediate availability - Fast Delivery.

  • Excellant printing quality - the best resolution and surface finish (compared the all printing technologies)

  • total freedom of design.

  • low cost production compared to other manufacturing technologies (machining, plastic injection...)

  • preliminary engineering consultancy with one of our very experienced engineers.​

3D Printing

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Multi-jet Printing Technology

Material Data-Sheet Table

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​This technology makes use of the process of polymer injection (similar to the process of inkjet printing).

This technology makes it possible to achieve very high accuracy:

Layer Height: 32 micron

Horizontal Resolution: 25 microns (X and Y)

Tray Size: 294 x 211 x 144 mm


High surface finish, and an end result that can enable the execution of functional tests for mechanical designs

Movies that  demonstrate the advantages of the new materials

FDM Printing


This technology makes use of an extrusion process of a polymer through a hot nozzle. This technology uses a variety of polymers such as : PLA, PETG, ABS and more.

The prints in this technology are suitable to less demanding end uses, functional parts that do not require good surface finish or very high accuracy.

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