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Mattress hardness testing machine

My better half recently suggested that our mattresses are pretty old and not as comfy as they used to be, adding to the fact that my snoring doesn't really help her sleep at night, we are now looking for a replacement. This reminded me of the Mattress hardness (or softness??) testing machine we designed and manufactured to one of the biggest mattresses manufacturers in Israel.

Mattress hardness testing machine

The aim of this machine is to numerically quantify the hardness of mattresses in customers homes once a service request is made by a customer concerning the hardness of the mattress they bought. The common practice when a customer complains about the hardness of a mattress he bought is to send a technician that manually (using his hands) estimates the hardness of the mattress according to his experience and the intended hardness of the specific mattress the customer ordered. Since this is not a very scientific or accurate method, the customer experience may be negatively affected when the technician claims that everything is OK with the mattress. A reliable, electronic, load cell based device will give the technician added reliability and will induce a sense of trust to the customer and to the quality of the mattress.

The device is based on a single S-type load cell with a capacity of up to 100 [Kg], the load cell is mounted to an aluminum chassis from one side and to a linear actuator from the other side. The chassis is connected via aluminum rails to the bed and by extending the linear actuator the machine presses an aluminum flange against the mattress. The extension of the linear actuator Vs. the exerted force is recorded on the controller of the machine and displayed on the machine LCD display.

Mattress hardness testing machine components, S-type load cell and linear actuator

Mattress hardness testing system with rails, the rails connect to the bed using tie down straps, the machine is free to slide in order to test different spots on the mattress

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