Product development

Trixel engineering provides Product Development  services various fields.

Trixel's engineers posses years of experience in R&D and Project Management.

in machanical, Electronic, software, IoT, Control and machines design.

Trixel engineering can help you optimize your design to meet the manufacturing technology intended for the end use part. 

Our service include:

  • Mechanical Design and optimization for the intended manufacturing method.

  • Detailed mechanical design including 3D CAD models and  2D Drawings from concept to finished product

  • Assembly design, including tolerance studies (based on manufacturing method, environmental effects and more)

  • Detailed specification documentation

  • Product portfolio and drawings preparation

  • Prototyping using CNC and 3D printing

  • Design and manufacture of jigs and fixtures

  • Project management

  • Advising, guiding and cooperation with tool builders and subcontractors for the production phase


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Address: Parshani 1/12 , Rehovot

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